Three Types of Sinkholes

Many homes in the greater Marietta, GA area are plagued with sinkholes. They were dug during the construction process and used to dispose of any and all types of debris. Everything from trees and stumps, to old dishwashers and metal scraps. These sinkholes cause many headaches for homeowners when the landscaping debris starts to decay and the holes begin to fall in (i.e. sinkhole). C&M Residential has spent many years doing sinkhole remediation in Marietta, GA and we have come across these three most common types of sinkholes.

The Development Hole

Sinkhole in Marietta, GA

A porch with temporary supports while a sinkhole is being excavated.

Development holes are generally the largest and most expensive type of sink hole to repair. They were generally created during the original neighborhood development and can usually be found in front yards, close to the road where it would have been easy to deposit debris, rather than hauling it off. The can cross property lines and contain a tremendous amount of debris.

A Lot Clearing Hole

These are the most common, and usually the most difficult to access sink hole. They were created on properties that were built between 1975 and 1991 to dispose of land clearing debris. Unfortunately, they can be found at almost every home that was developed during this time period and can wreck havoc on backyard structures such as pools, patios, or porches due to their sheer size and volume.

A Clean Up Hole

Clean up holes are usually made during the last efforts to prepare a lot for landscaping. They are one of the smaller types of sink holes as they are typically dug with a small skid steer. They contain small landscape debris, stumps, brush, and some construction debris.

These are the three most common types of sink holes that C&M Residential encounters in the Atlanta, GA area. Unfortunately, no matter the size of the sink hole, once its contents start to decay and the land starts to collapse, they must be excavated and filled in with concrete or other material that will not decay to prevent further damage.

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