How Do You Know You’ve Reached the Bottom of a Sink Hole?

At C&M Residential in Marietta, GA, we do a lot of sink hole remediation. We handle all types of sink holes, and fix your sinking yard or foundation so that you won’t ever have a problem with a hole again. While we are out meeting with clients about their sink holes, we regularly get questions about sink holes, where they came from, and the topic of this blog – how do you know you’ve reached the bottom of the sink hole? Today, we are bringing you the answer.

Types of Sink Holes

There are three different types of sink holes: the development hole, a lot clearing hole, and a clean up hole. They all have their various types of debris that we will find including (but certainly not limited to): Landscaping debris, trash, construction debris, stumps, and brush. During the remediation process, all of this debris is dug out of the hole, and replaced with concrete, stone, or other materials that will not decompose, and will give you a new, solid ground to walk or build upon.

New vs. Old

The Inside of a Sink Hole

The semi-decomposed contents of a sink hole. See the whole trees and stumps that are still there?

So, how do we know we’ve reached the bottom? Actually, the answer to the question is quite easy – because we see the bottom. That may sound odd to some – you are digging dirt out of the ground, how can you see anything but more dirt? But the reality is, most of the contents of the sink hole are going to be largely intact. When landscaping debris and other decomposable trash is buried, it doesn’t automatically start decomposing. The material must have the right conditions to fully undergo the decomposition process. This means that we are digging out largely intact pine straw, stumps, and wood. When we finish clearing out the debris, there will be a distinct difference in the solid dirt that the hole was originally dug out of. That is when we know we’ve hit the bottom of the sink hole, and we can start filling it back in.

C&M Residential has been working on sink hole remediation for our customers in the Smyrna, GA area for many years. If you are suspect of a sink hole under your deck, pool, or driveway, give us a a call today with the peace of mind that we will fix your sink hole so that it is never again a problem.

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