Creating Outdoor Rooms

Your home is more than just the space within its walls. What about all of its surrounding land? Are you putting it to good use with beautiful gardens and landscaping or is it simply the area that you walk through to get to your front or backdoor? Add more space to your home and open the door to the outdoors by creating outdoor rooms. C&M Residential has 3 tips to help you get started improving your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplace1. Define Your Space

The best way to define a new outdoor area is decide how you would like to use it. Would you like a space where you can entertain, have family meals, play games and read? You can create a space that would encompass all of these activities, or create several outdoor rooms.

2. Give it a View

Now that you know what you would like to do with your new outdoor room, you need to decide on where you would like to put it. Go inside of your house and look at your view. You want your new space to be easily accessible and feel as if it is an extension of your current home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be attached to your house, but give yourself an easy path to get to and from the outdoors. For example, if you are going to be eating often in your outdoor room, you may want to position it so that it is conveniently accessible to your kitchen.

3. Make it Engaging

The space must not only be functional, but also needs to be engaging so that you will actually use it! This means decorating with your favorite things. To help you get started, think of places that you love to go visit and try to incorporate aspects of them that you enjoy most. If you like to go to the rivers, think about adding a waterfeature. Love to cook smores at your mountain cabin? Include a fireplace in your outdoor room so that you can enjoy the same fun right in your own backyard.

At C&M Residential, we have over 20 years of experience designing landscapes and outdoor improvements. Let us help you create your new Atlanta, GA outdoor room. Call us today!

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