Fall Fescue Lawn Renovation: Part 1 of 2

Fall is fast approaching and now is the time to plan for fescue lawn renovations. The absolute best time of the year to rejuvenate your fescue lawn in the Marietta,GA area is from September 15 through October 15, plus or minus. When planning a Fall lawn renovation, C&M Residential will adjust this time table according to how many mature trees are in your landscape. For a property with more trees, the work will begin slightly earlier to avoid grass seedlings getting suffocated by the impending leaf fall.

Fall Fescue Lawn RenovationThe Three Keys to Success

To have a successful fescue lawn renovation, three things must be done correctly:

#1 Timing

Plant too early and the fescue won’t grow properly, plant too late and the new growth could be covered up by leaf fall.

#2 Soil Preparation

When installing a lawn renovation, you only get one chance to prepare the soil correctly, or the lawn will provide poor results. To start, if the lawn is mostly weeds and bare dirt, start by spraying the undesired vegatation a few weeks in advance to eliminate growth. Also, send a soil sample to the University of Georgia Extension Service to determine their recommendations for lime and fertilizer. After the growth has died, till the soil as deep as possible. Typically, C&M Residential uses a tiller that tills the soil to a depth of 6-8″. After tilling, incorporate or spread a layer of organic compost over the soil area at a rate of 2 yards per 1000 square feet. This natural, organic fertilizer feeds the lawn and softens the soil. It is an absolute must to help prepare the soil for adequate root development. After the soil has been prepared, add the recommended fertilizer and lime, rake the area smooth, and seed with a quality fescue seed. Finally, apply a light coat of straw to help minimize erosion and hold in moisture.

#3 Irrigation

Irrigating the new lawn is critical to the survival and development of a deep root system. While it is possible to irrigate by moving a sprinkler around, it is not recommended. A professionally installed irrigation system will save you time and money and the lawn will be able to maintain its vigor and health.

Next week we will share with you the importance of the maintenance of your freshly seeded fescue lawn and give you tips on how to encourage strong growth that will last for years.

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