Increasing Neighborhood Appeal to Residents

When buyers are looking for a home, they want a neighborhood with plenty of amenities for them and their family members to enjoy. And at resale time, this becomes even more important to your current neighborhood residents. As a homeowners association, you can contribute to the overall value of the homes in your neighborhood by improving the outdoor common areas and offering desirable amenities. C&M Residential’s expertise spans a wide variety of outdoor improvements. We can do anything from sinkhole remediation to large scale patio and pergola builds. This is one of our recent projects that we completed for a homeowners association just outside of the Atlanta, GA area.

This particular project involved not only a construction and masonry project, but we first had to address drainage issues that were occurring within the common area. Water was not properly being drained from the area, leading to puddling and extra moisture which was not only unsightly and an annoyance to the residents, but was also causing damage to the turf and landscaping.

Creating Outdoor Spaces

This particular neighborhood already had a great pool and brick patio area, but did not have particularly useful areas for their guests to sit and enjoy the space. We approached the project from an end-user standpoint, addressing how the residents would most likely like to use the new area, and what kinds of structures were needed to create a functional environment.

This homeowners association wanted to offer their residents a space for entertaining and dining. They needed a covered area for tables and seating, and they also chose to add a fire pit so residents would have incentive to enjoy the area during the cooler months as well.

To meet these goals we constructed a large covered area complete with fans to keep guests cool in the warmer months, with enough space to hold tables and chairs for a large party. The fire pit was constructed out of brick and is the perfect place for a family to gather around this Fall and enjoy a warm fire and some roasted marshmallows.

C&M Residential has experience handling almost any kind of outdoor improvement that you can imagine. If your homeowners association has plans for added amenities for your residents, give us a call today and we would be happy to help you draw up a plan that is conducive to your budget and satisfies your desire to offer a unique setting to your residents.

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