2 Reasons to Add Lighting to Your Landscape

As the days tick by into Fall, the daylight hours are getting shorter, and soon the time will change and it will be getting dark close to 5:30 pm. When you finally get home from work, the sun will be setting and the darkness of night will be at your heels. With the right landscape lighting, you could look forward to the early evening darkness so that you can appreciate your home and landscape under a new light (pun intended). C&M Residential does landscape lighting installation all over Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas and we’ve got 2 reasons why you need landscape lighting at your home.

Outdoor Lighting1. Safety

Whether you’ve got kids or dogs, or if it’s just you at home, and whether you are in an extremely safe neighborhood or not, installing landscape lighting is a safety concern. Without appropriate lighting, you could be walking out to your car to get your bag and trip on the side walk; you could be calling the dogs in from the backyard and trip down your patio stairs; your kids could be playing in the yard in the evening but you cannot see them to keep an eye on their activities. These are all safety issues that stem from not having adequate lighting in your landscape. Adding light to stair treads, installing flood lights, and motion sensitive lights will all eliminate the issues of safety.

2. Appearance

Landscapes and turf always look great in the Fall. Now is the time for installing new plants and freshening up your flowerbeds, but when you leave for work before sunrise and comeback after sunset, you never have time to appreciate all of your outdoor improvements. Adding spotlights to your featured areas, solar lighting around your walkways, and lanterns to your fence posts will all highlight the beautiful features of your landscape for you to enjoy, day or night.

C&M Residential uses energy conserving and long lasting LED lights for our landscape lighting installations in Marietta, GA. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your lighting project!

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