3 Home Remodels Likely to Boost Home Value

It’s finally Fall and with weather in the mid to low 50s during the day and dipping into the 40s or 30s at night, there is no better time to spend outdoors enjoying your landscaping. If you’ve been craving an outdoor fireplace, stone patio, or just some added interest to your hardscaping, now is the perfect time to do it. Not only will you get to enjoy your new outdoor renovation while the weather is still beautiful, but you will also likely boost the value of your Marietta, GA home. These three outdoor improvement projects have been proven to return their investment when you are ready to put your house on the market.

A Deck or Patio

The modern lifestyle has opened the doors from inside to outside and families enjoy spending their time in their landscapes as much as they do inside of their homes. Adding a deck or patio to your home will increase the livable space that your home has to offer, and adds enormously to the appeal and value of your house. When it comes time to sell, you could be adding around 80 percent of the cost of the renovation to the value of your home.

Outdoor FireplaceAn Outdoor Fireplace

Just adding a deck or patio is a great improvement to your outdoor living area in itself, but what about going beyond the norm and installing an outdoor fireplace as well? An outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fire table will give you and your family something to gather around, get cozy, and enjoy the crisp Fall evenings with a hot cup of cocoa and a marshmallow on a stick. Nothing says Fall time like a smore!

Landscaping and Hardscaping

When trying to sell a home, a real estate agent’s mantra is ‘curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal.’ Give your home the leg up that it needs and along with any outdoor structures, make sure that you also improve your landscaping to amp up your home’s desirability factor. Your home’s value will increase depending on the extent of the changes you make; in 2003 “Smart Money” said that quality landscaping could increase home value as much as 15%.

When it comes to improving your outdoor spaces, it’s an investment that always has a high ROI when completed with quality materials and design. If you’re thinking about adding something new to the outdoor space at your Marietta, GA home this Fall, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We’d be happy to give you a quote on your project and will get your outdoor fireplace installed as quickly as possible so you can enjoy it while the weather allows.

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