Chase Away the Grey with Annual Color

Your summer beds have lots their last beautiful blooms and are now looking empty and brown. Don’t let the potential of dull grey winter weather get you down, add shining color back into your landscape with these ideas from C&M Residential. 

Installing annual color is something that has to be done at least twice a year. Fall and Spring time are the best seasons for planting as your  newly installed flowers, trees, and shrubs have time to get established before the harsh weather affects them. These are all great selections for your fall planting, which should be getting done in the next two weeks to give your plants time to establish their root systems before they go dormant for the winter.


These are the go to for winter color. They can tolerate our Georgia winters and give you color throughout fall and come back strong again in the spring. They prefer to be planted in the sun in moist, well-drained soil. They should be planted between 7 to 12 inches apart for best growth. Planting them closer together will give your flower beds a fuller look, but will require more plants.

Ornamental Kale and Cabbages

Kale and cabbages are usually grown in veggie gardens, and while these varieties are still edible, you’re going to prefer to leave them wherever they are growing so you can appreciate the unique texture and colors of their foliage. These plants love cold weather, down to 20 degrees F, and look great in a pot on your door step. These spectacular winter wonders love to be in the sun in moist, humus-rich soil with good drainage.


These plants are named for the shape of their blooms that look like opening mouths when pressed on their sides. They are actually closed so tightly that honeybees aren’t heavy enough to get them open so they have to rely on bumblebees for their pollination. They come in almost any color except for true blue. Snapdragons prefer to planted in full sun to partial shade.

These are just a few of the many reliable plant selections that will bring you color all winter long. Call us at C&M Residential today to get us out to plant a beautiful annual bed full of color to brighten your days all winter long!

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