Creating Pet Friendly Landscapes

Dog in the YardMany of us have at least one four legged family member and if you think it about it, they are really enjoying your yard and landscape more often than you do. Whether you have a dog that lives outside full time, or just excuses themselves for potty breaks and a good game of fetch once and a while, it is a great idea to design your landscape with Fido in mind. C&M Residential has some tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your Marietta, GA landscape design to make your yard pet friendly. 

Give Them Room to Run

Many landscapes, grasses, and tender plants have been destroyed due to the romping and rough housing of happy paws. Dogs are creatures of habit, so once they’ve established their trail through your garden beds or along your fence line, your best option is to embrace it. Make that path an area that allows them to run and play without destroying anything precious along their way. Using smooth pavers or river stones are a great way to mark a path that is both attractive, and gentle on the soft pads of their paws.

Border Control

Just because you have dogs, doesn’t mean that you can’t plant your favorite flowers. Use borders and small fences to keep dogs out of your freshly planted flower beds. You can even put up temporary fencing until the plants establish their roots and aren’t as susceptible to breakage. Another great idea is to plant those sensitive plants in raised beds or containers where your dogs are less likely to get access to them.

Choosing the Right Ground Cover

When you are looking for ground cover for your landscape, choose the right materials for the job, with your dogs in mind. Grass can burn when your dogs urinate on it so designating a corner of the yard as their potty area and covering it in pea gravel would avoid this issue. Consider using small cedar chips in flower beds rather than smaller pine needles that might stick to long coats.

If you’d like to make improvements to your Marietta, GA landscape with your dogs in mind, give C&M Residential a call and schedule a consultation today.

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