Soil Testing for Spring Prep

Soil Testing Before and AfterSpring planting season is just about here. Now is the perfect time to prepare your landscape for your new plantings. A great place to start is with soil testing. 

C&M Residential specializes in lawn care and landscape maintenance, but a luscious, healthy yard and landscape starts with correctly balanced soil. Soil testing is easy and free through the local extension office. Results from the soil test will show the current pH level of your soil, and the various levels of particular chemicals such as phosphorus and potassium. The data gathered from soil testing will give C&M Residential the information that we need to properly apply limestone or other fertilizers to feed your soil and therefore, provide your plants with the nutrients they need.

Get your soil tested now, and consult with C&M Residential for us to develop a customized lawn and landscape program to meet the needs of your lawn. Then, we can help you create a beautiful landscape design for your Marietta, GA home and create your dream oasis complete with an outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace. 

Img via Flickr. 

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