Selecting Stone or Pavers for Your Patio

Using just the right stone or pavers can make or break your patio, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. It’s important that you choose the right materials not only for aesthetics  but also to make sure that your investment will stand the test of time. To help you choose the right stone or pavers for your patio, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen C&M Residential has 3 tips for you to keep in mind while you are working on your outdoor improvement. 

AffordabilityFire Pit in Sandy Springs, GA

When you begin your patio project, you will probably have a budget in mind. Each type of surface and building material has its own associated costs. Concrete would probably be one of the cheapest options. Brick pavers would increase the quality of your patio, but the cost would increase slightly. The more luxurious options such as flagstone or custom stone work would create a beautiful space, with intricate details, and almost any design you can imagine but this would be one of your most expensive options.

Weather Resistance

Concrete will last almost forever on your patio. It does not have to be the plain, grey concrete that you think of in a parking lot or sidewalk either. We can stamp, stain, and coat concrete to make it attractive for any project. Brick, flagstone, and most other stones available for patio construction will all stand up to the weather conditions in our Marietta, GA area. Some may bleach out faster than others, and many will easily mildew and mold, leading to discoloration. Regular maintenance can avoid this problem but when natural stone is cleaned often, it will need to be resealed on a regular basis as well.

Slip Resistance

Concrete is highly slip resistant, even when wet. If mold grows on brick or natural stone, the surfaces can become slippery, especially if laid around a pool, fountain, or water feature. While brick is naturally going to be slip resistant, it can get very hot underfoot in the summer months.

If you are thinking about adding a patio to your Sandy Springs, GA home, give us a call at C&M Residential today. We would love to talk to you about all of the surface options that are available and find the one that will best suit your budget and needs. We look forward to working with you!

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