Creating Recreation With a Retaining Wall

Is your backyard relatively unusable right now due to the fact that it is on a big slope? Is there no flat space where you can put a table, patio, or even play a game of toss? Many homes in Roswell, GA and surrounding areas have these hilly backyards. The answer to increasing your usable space and property value is simple: build a retaining wall. C & M Residential has many years of experience improving outdoor spaces for homeowners in Woodstock, GA, and we’d be happy to help you create a new living space in your backyard.¬†

Retaining WallsWhy Would You Want to Add a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls have many uses. One of the most common reasons a retaining wall is added to a space is so that a new, flat area can be created where there was once a hill or slope. Retaining walls can be added when you cut into a slope and the remaining hill needs to be held back and retained, or when soil is added to an area to raise up a space and a retaining wall is needed to hold the new soil in place. Also, if you are having drainage problems in your yard, a retaining wall could be a possible solution. Adding retaining walls would make flat areas that the water would have to travel across, versus just running straight down hill. This would slow water run off and could help you gain control of your storm water drainage issues.

Ready to add a patio or new outdoor room to your backyard? Call C&M Residential, we look forward to working with you to giving you the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

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