Making the Professional Choice

When you’re ready to make your Woodstock, GA landscape worthy of a Southern Living cover, it’s time to call in the professionals. Working with a professional landscape designer will make the process much easier from start to finish, and will ensure that your finished product will last you for years to come. C&M Residential has several tips for you on what to expect when you start your project.

Landscape DesignGather Your Inspiration

Before you schedule your first meeting with your landscape designer, gather your inspiration for what you’d like your newly renovated landscape to look like. Whether this is photos from magazines, images from the web, or even photos of your friends and neighbors yards that you enjoy spending time in, these will help you visualize what you want in your landscape, and explain your ideas to your designer.

Be Open to Ideas

When you are presenting your ideas for your landscape, keep an open mind. You will have established many ideas about how you want your landscape to look, but as a landscape designer we will be concerned about not only aesthetic appearance, but also the function of the design. They may come up with other ideas that you hadn’t thought of that will take your landscape to the next level.

Cost Savings

While at first, you might not think that a landscape designer will save you money, but in the long run their expertise could very well save you from costly mistakes you would have made on your own. Landscape designers take all aspects of your yard into consideration – drainage, sunlight and shade, irrigation, energy demands on your home, etc. They’ll know not to plant a crepe myrtle that matures at 14′ underneath a 9′ overhang on your home. They also won’t plant trees or bushes with invasive root systems near your home’s foundation which could otherwise lead to cracking and causing undo harm to your home.

These are just a few of the many reasons that calling a landscape designer for your Acworth, GA home is the right decision. Call us at C&M Residential today to set up a consultation for a landscape design for your Roswell, GA home! 

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